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About OA Credit

Buy first, pay later

OA credit allows buyers in need of money to start production. Depending on the current credit standing of the buyers, they may be given up to $1,000,000 to use towards production. After the goods are received, the buyer has from 30-120 days to pay back the credit. This service is free of charge to the customer. Apply below to start an OA credit account with Seacamels!

Service Process

  • Register

  • Apply for OA credit card

  • Obtain credit limit

  • Purchase

  • Logistics

  • Payment

Our Qualification

Keeping on continuous effort, serving you better

Seacamels was founded in October of 2009. After years in the foreign trade business, Seacamels has won various awards and has become a widely trusted and famous foreign trade provider.


Q:How much is the OA credit service?

A: Free! The buyer does not have to pay any fees to apply or use the OA credit service.

Q:How do I apply for OA Credit?

A:The process is very simple, just click the apply button above and enter your information. It will take around 3-7 business days for your application to process, and then you will be contacted.

Q:How can I use my OA Credit to purchase my products?

A:There are two different ways that you can use the OA Credit. The first way is that you can register online and place your order through the Seacamels website. The second way is to order through a phone call or e-mail to a Seacamels employee.

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