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Expanding the China market

  • Service Details

    Seacamels has an integrated trading service platform which is based on the seller’s requirements. There are over 4,700 Chinese suppliers entered in the platform with over 120 different types of products. Seacamels also provides an Authority Inspection Service free of charge to the sellers. Seacamels welcomes new Global Suppliers to the platform, and offers free exhibition of goods, thus expanding their Chinese market.

    Basic Services

    Online Booking

    Inspection Service

    Expanding the China market

    Entry Conditions

    Seller’s qualifications must be approved by Seacamels

    Seller should book online through the Seacamels import system

    Oversea supplier’s qualifications must be approved by the service platform

    Service Process

    • Register

    • Search for a factory

    • Booking on line

    • Goods are prepared

    • Factory is inspected

    • Customs are cleared

    • Seacamels logistics

    • Goods are received

    • Customer makes payment


    Q:How do I book online?

    A:Search for the factory and product, and confirm an order through Seacamels by submitting the purchase information. Seacamels will then sign the PO with the seller.

    Q:How do I get the Inspection Service?

    A:Consult with Seacamels customer service and submit an Inspection Service Application. Seacamels will then confirm the application and send SGS to do the inspection and provide a report.

    Q:If I am a supplier, how can I upload sample information into your system?

    A:This application is not currently available, but it will be up soon.

  • Order Online

    Seacamels works with over 4,700 supplier which can be found in our platform. Buyers can confirm purchase details and send the purchasing information to Seacamels so that we can provide the best supplier for that product.


    Q:Why do I need to send the purchase information to Seacamels?

    A:Seacamels will place the order with the supplier, instead of having the buyer’s do it. This is because the suppliers need to pay a security deposit to Seacamels,so that Seacamels will have compensation for customers if they have any losses resulting from poor quality or delay in shipment.

    Q:How does Seacamels match the right supplier for me, and do I need to pay any commision?

    A:Once the purchase information is received Seacamels will visit factories to find the best match for the buyer. This is all done free of charge.

    Q:Why can I only see a few suppliers in the Seacamels platform?

    A:The display function is being developed, so there will be more suppliers visible soon.

    Q:Can I submit a purchase request for products that are not displayed on the Seacamels platform?

    A:Yes, just submit the purchase details through our platform and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Inspection Service

    Seacamels partners with SGS, a third party inspection service, to ease the buyer’s concerns. SGS will go to the factory and issue an inspection report based on the buyer’s requests. SGS will make sure that the product meets the quality standards whether the product is in production, or ready to be shipped.


    Q:What kind of inspection services can Seacamels supply?

    A:A:There are 5 main inspection services that Seacamels can provide. Inspection before production - The Inspector will check raw materials and rough-wrought products by random selection. Inspection during the production processes - The inspector will check the semi-finished, or finished products according to the standards. They will then notify the producer of any mistakes and present a solution to avoid further mistakes. Sample inspection before delivery - The inspector will check the number, process, function,color,size specification, packing details, and other details specified by the buyer before the goods are are sent for delivery. Supervision of loading - The inspector will assist the manufacturers to confirm if the packing meets the packing conditions. This can be done in the factory, warehouse or in the transmission process. Factory assessment - The inspector will check the working conditions, production conditions, facilities, manufacturing equipment and methods, quality assurance management, and personnel according to the client’s requirements. If any requirement is not met, the inspector will present solutions to the factory.

    Q:Q:How can I apply for the inspection service?

    A: (1) Register through Seacamels (2) Fill out and submit your inspection information (3) Confirm the inspection information (4) Pay the inspection service fees (5) You will then receive the inspection report after the inspection is complete

    Q:Who is eligible for the inspection service?

    A:All members of the Seacamels platform can use the SGS inspection service.

  • Exploring Chinese market

    After registering for a membership in Seacamels, overseas suppliers can upload their samples in our platform so they will be available to Chinese buyers. This allows the suppliers to explore the Chinese Market, and make more connections with buyers.


    Q:How can I upload samples to the platform?

    A:This function is currently under development but will be available soon.

    Q:How many Chinese regions are included in Seacamels’ sample display section?

    A:Over 20 Chinese provinces and cities are included in the sample display section free of charge to the sellers.