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About Door To Door Service

Clear custom /logistics/ delivery/One station service

Seacamels works with many logistics companies all over the world. Our services make sure that the products get from the factory to the customer, with no complications. Seacamels deals with all of the logistics and delivery so that the customer doesn’t have to. The best part is that this service is a very low cost, so the customers can save time and money.

Service Process

  • Enquiry

  • Clears the export customs

  • Seacamels Logistics

  • Clears the import customs

  • Delivery

  • Goods received

Our Qualification

Keeping on continuous effort, serving you better

Seacamels was established in October 2009 , devoting ourselves to the suppliers and global buyers for provide professional one-stop comprehensive trading service .After several years develop , Seacamels has many honors and recognized, and the most important to become a reliable and global trading comprehensive service provider .


Q:What does my company gain from using the Door to Door Logistics Service?

A:Seacamels clears both the import and export customs, and also deals with the logistics of the delivery. This service will save your company time and money.

Q:How can I order the Door to Door Logistics Service?

A:Click the apply button above and fill out the information. We will try to contact you as soon as possible to get you started.

Q:What countries does Seacamels cover?

A:Goods can be exported from main ports in China such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Qingdao. Goods can be imported to over 300 destinations such as America, France, Germany and Italy.

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