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    Seacamels (founded in 2009) is China's first company to be dominated by the buyer professional to supply a chain of financial comprehensive services. Also Seacamels provides:

    Door-to-door logistics

    Open account credit card payment of purchase

    Wide range of payment services for foreign trade

    Seacamels’ core management team has 20 years experience in international trade services and employ more than 200 people. Over the years, Seacamels formed a pragmatic, innovative team culture of gratitude.

    Many of their managers work as executives in the international logistics enterprise. They are committed to solving the core problems for buyers so they can help the buyer purchase and import products. They insist on creating value for the buyers.

    We have wholly owned subsidiaries in Shanghai, China and Los Angeles, California. Having our Los Angeles subsidiary helps us understand the buyer's needs. We are able to provide concrete open account credit card purchasing helping the buyer purchase products from Chinese factories and provide door-to-door logistic solutions.

    Seacamels is currently serving over 4,800 clients located all over North America, Europe, and many other areas around the world Through our concept of pragmatic and efficient service, we have more than 90% recognition and customer satisfaction. This makes us proud of what we do!

    According to a recent survey in 2016, our monthly customer growth rate was about 30% (80% of which came from referrals).

    Our online customer service is simple and provides all the information needed to manage our buyers’ accounts. In addition, the platform operation does not need any special software. A customer service representative is available 12 hours a day. If none is available, please leave a message and your call will be returned within 12 hours.

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    Los Angeles

    Address: 4961 Santa Anita Avenue, Unit B Temple City, CA 91780

    Tel: 626-586-4958

    Email: joeyho-la@seacamels.com

    Shenzhen Seacamels Network Co., Ltd (HQ)

    Address: 2nd Floor, 124th Building, Liantang High New Tech Industrial Park N0.1Luohu Distict, Shenzhen,China

    Toll Free: 4008-518-448

    Email: service-a2@seacamels.com


    Address: R#2804 Fude plaza North Building, 1688 Sichuan N Road, Hongkou District , Shanghai

    Phone: 4008-518-448/021-62507916

    Email: maxli-sh@seacamels.com